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Jake is the reef's cool Sunny-boy, he's the “simpatico” hero of the story. Full of zest for action, and often a bit careless, the young Jake must gather all his courage and risk his life to save the reef: as all inhabitants of Kaluoka'hina are terrified of the world outside the reef – and Jake is no exception. But when the lovely Lilly urges Jake to go on a quest to find the wise Cassandra, he has no choice: under no circumstances will he stand as a coward in front of the beautiful girl-fish, as he's fin-to-fin in love with her.

The adventurous search forces thus the rowdy youngling to mature. At the beginning, he can't help making fun of his jumpy companion Shorty. But as Shorty is faced with a life-threatening event of major proportions, Jake realizes that his quirky buddy has grown on him. This change of heart teaches Jake the importance of true friendship.

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