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“The prerequisite for knowledge is curiosity”
Jacques Cousteau
French marine biologist
Not without reason is our Earth called the “blue planet”: 70% of its surface is covered with water. The vast oceans build an ecological habitat of tremendous proportions, with a large part of it is still being unexplored.
“Kaluoka'hina, the Enchanted Reef” takes the viewer into fascinating regions of the sea world. Packed with an exciting story, the film offers informational tidbits well worth to know about how life in the ocean is interrelated. “Kaluoka'hina, the Enchanted Reef” will awaken the viewer's curiosity and desire to learn more about the oceans of our planet. Especially young viewers, who, through the central theme of the oceans' ecosystems will likely gain more sensitivity towards the habitats of the sea.
The Teacher's Guide goes deeper into the themes touched in the film, offers at some parts unbelievable facts, and explains interesting phenomena of the underwater world with various images and a language easy to understand. What influence does space, through the moon and the sun, have on the life in the sea? By means of ebb and flow, the moon and the sun affect the lives of the ocean inhabitants in important and various manners. What is bioluminescence and why have some sea creatures developed this trait? How does a kelp forest, the jungle of the sea, look like?
The individual themes are the following:

- Coral Reefs – colorful worlds underwater
- When the moon makes the corals bloom
- The ocean's breathing
- “Black stinkers” - sea mountains and volcanoes
- The jungle in the sea
- Fireworks of color in the eternal darkness

In the story, the untouched tropical reef survives only because a magic spell protects it against humans. “Kaluoka'hina, the Enchanted Reef” does not only entertain; it also offers a message to the viewer: we people carry the responsibility for nature, and hence, nature should not require any spells in order to survive.

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Teacher's Guide here.

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